Following my post I replaced the companies’ apps I found another positive side of using the browser for navigate to Facebook: I can hide the annoying ads and sponsored posts.

In order to hide the sponsored contents on Facebook you need an Adblocker for Safari obviously (I’m using 1Blocker but can use every content blocker with the ability to add custom rules). Then just add the css div #b6ax4al1 as hidden on * subdomains.


This works great for me, no more annoying sponsored/ads/suggested post every 4-5 posts. But probably FB will change the div name often, so I don’t know for how long this trick will work. Just check when FB change it, or you can use Friendly app that automatically hides ads (but it’s slower than the browser). Alert: this works only on mobile Facebook site, for me it’s enough, I use FB really few times per day only to check the alerts (since I don’t have the app, and the push notifications obviously).