If you don’t use the Safari built in Reading List, you can move forward, or read it if you want to find a quick way to save web links from every app.

I love the Safari Reading List, because it’s a simply and quick way to save a webpage, an app, an Amazon item, etc… and have it synced across all you Apple devices, to read later on bigger screen, or with more relax when there’s time. Indeed it’s my first item in the share sheet!


This feature has only two defects: one is that, by default, it caches the page for offline reading, and this could generate a very big Safari data storage. But this can be disabled/enable under “Setting>Safari>Automatically Save Offline


The other thing is not that simply to fix but it can be easily done, and I’ll explain how in the next text lines.

By default some developers don’t allow you to insert in the Reading List some urls, from some apps, for example if you find an interesting iOS app on the App Store, but you want to install it later on Wi-Fi, you can’t save it to the Reading List. Or the same with the Amazon app:


Fortunately I’ve found a quick fix for this: using Shortcut is possible to create a super-simply/fast shortcut to add all the urls you want, from every app, to the Reading List, here you can see it in action in two apps where the Add to Reading List is not supported:



You can recreate it or you can download directly to Shortcuts from here. IMG_6366

Now you can save all the URLs you want into the Reading List. This stupid tip saved me lot of time and effort.