I’ve just bought the iPad Mini 6, and…wow! What a great device, I’m really surprised of it, I also have the iPad Pro 12,9” but the Mini is absolutely lovely, a great display (better than the iPad Pro for contrast and pixel density, 326PPI the Mini VS 264PPI the Pro12,9”), very fast, with four good sounding speaker, a very compact format and super portable (actually I bought it to bring it always with me also in the small photography bags, like when I use the ONA Bowery)

I’m not joking, here’re some numbers from GSMarena review

Display data


But by default it has a huge trouble, that I was able to fix only after few days of usage: you need two boring steps (or hands) to reach the Home interface.

You have to rest your finger over the touchID to unlock it and you need another step to swipe from bottom to access to the Home Screen. Annoying.

In order to fix it, just go to Settings>Accesibility>Top Botton/TouchID and enable the ‘Rest finger to open’, now you need only to press and hold the finger on the touchID button, like it was with the iPhone with touchID.

Settings page

It’s a shame that by default it isn’t enabled, it makes the user experience bad, I would bet that lots of users are still using the ‘two steps to use the iPad’. I wonder also why Apple hasn’t make this option “opt-out” and not “opt-in”, that’s weird and I have no idea.