yubiuser has released a new updated for PADD, to 3.9.0, so I updated also my modified version with more info that fits 800x480px display.


You can download it here: padd.sh v3.9.0 for 800x480px display.

Be careful because this release has lots of modifications, because now PADD auto-center itself in bigger screen/terminal, so you need to change the launch command in your .bashrc file to disable the x/yoffset, just change the :

./padd.sh to ./padd.sh -xoff 0 -yoff 0

The full code to launch PADD now is:

# Run PADD
# If we’re on the PiTFT screen (SSH is xterm)
if [ "$TERM" == "linux" ] ; then
  while :
    ./padd.sh -xoff 0 -yoff 0
    sleep 1