yubiuser has updated the cool script PADD to v.3.7.0 for monitoring Pi-Hole stats, with some new cool features and optimizations. But since his version doesn’t fill a display like the Pimoroni HyperPixel 4” (800x480px) I have modified it to fill all the 800x480px screens and to have other usefuel info of the hardware and software (and the beautiful old logo). Here it is:


Consider that this version is optimized for running on DietPI and with Unbound as recursive DNS provider. It should work also with standard RaspbianOS but I have no idea since I haven’t tested it.

[Edit: updated to v3.7.1] To test it, save the PADD v3.7.0 800x480px code as padd.sh (or download the file), backup the original padd.sh in your ~ folder and give it the execution permission chmod +x padd.sh