As you may know, this blog is running on my VPS on DigitalOcean using Jekyll to generate the site, and in order to make a new post, it’s not that easy because I have to write a Markdown file, upload to the posts folder via FTP and update Jekyll via SSH.

Well, this is not complicated but do the limitations from iOS is a bit tricky. But I absolutely love to write when I’m making a walk in the nature, so I had to figure out how to post from my iPhone. And there are all the (few) steps:

First I create a new Markdown file using One Markdown app (App Store link):


And I save it to One Markdown iCloud folder to have the file synced with my other devices. Then I go to Files app, I copy the just created file and I paste it into the Local folder of the Koder app (App Store link):


Then I simply open the file in Koder and I upload it to my blog SSD:


Now I can use the built-in Koder Terminal/SSH feature (see the small icon at the bottom), but it lacks the arrows and other special characters of the keyboard. So I prefer to use Termius (App Store link). I connect to my VPS and I run the command to build Jekyll with the new file: IMG_8422

And here’s the post, all these steps take 1/2 minutes and are annoying.


This is a bit complex and long, and I hope to have something like an app to do it all in one, more friction-less, but I’ve never found another way.

If you know a better/easier way to make all these steps in one shot only, please tell me in the comments! Thanks and happy new year 🍾